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Cell & Plant Physiology Laboratory

Published on 3 December 2018


Eric Maréchal
Deputy Director:
François Parcy


Left to right: Sophie Mistri, Karima Ben Saddik, Tiffany Guyonnet.

Administrative service of the laboratory
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Institut de Biosciences et Biotechnologies de Grenoble
17, avenue des Martyrs
38 054 Grenoble cedex 9
Phone: +33 4 38 78 96 66
Fax: +33 4 38 78 50 91

The Cell & Plant Physiology Laboratory studies the dynamics of the plant cell. This research, conducted at both the molecular and cellular, is then placed in the context of the whole plant during its development and subjected to changing conditions of the environment. They aimed at a better understanding of cellular mechanisms, e.g. metabolic pathways or processes of cell division and morphogenesis.

Research areas

Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Team 4
Team 5
Team 6
Team 7
Team 8
Regulation of the proteome dynamics, biogenesis and physiology of the chloroplast.
Biogenesis, dynamics and homeostasis of membrane lipids.
Integrated structural biology and plant development.
Plants, stress & metals.

Physics of the cytoskeleton.
Floral regulators.
Expression of the plastid genome.
Light-Photosynthesis and Metabolism.


Protein, integrated structural biology, modeling, bioinformatics, molecular evolution, transgenesis, synthetic biology, bio-fuels, lipids, green chemistry, flower development, stress, metals, radionuclides, bioremediation, toxicology, environmental acclimation, cytoskeleton, cell compartmentalization, membrane, chloroplasts, photosynthesis, plastids biogenesis, apicoplast, regulation of gene expression, cell differentiation, metabolism, vitamin, enzyme, plant cell, plant, algae.


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