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PhD theses supported at the BGE laboratory

Published on 10 March 2017


Amandine Pitaval.
Study of the migration of the basal body during ciliogenesis.
[Abstract] [On-line thesis]

Anna Senegas.
Brain defects characterization of the mouse model of Incontinentia Pigmenti, a NF-κB-related genetic disease.
[Abstract] [On-line thesis]


Ricky Bhajun.
A network approach to infer the coordinated role of microRNAs on biological processes.

Anastasia Rulina.
Cascade profiling of ubiquitin-proteasome system in prostate cancer.
[Abstract] [On-line thesis]


Fabien Abeille.
Automation and integration of a bioreactor for continuous cell culture.

Jonathan Bruniaux.
Designing of lipid nanoparticles for active delivery of siRNA.

Magali Court.
Urinary proteome: Characterization and interest for the discovery of biomarker.

Clémence Habourdin.
Characterization of the members of the arrestin clan in the Dictyostelium discoideum amoeba: Study of the AdcA protein and its partner FmC.

Anne-Claire Jacomin.
Functions of deubiquitinating enzymes in inflammation and autophagy: Regulation of the mammalian TNF-R1 pathway by USP36 and genetic screen to identify deubiquitinating enzymes involved in autophagy in Drosophila.

Monika Pyzalska.
Development of microtechnologies for 3D cell culture to study prostate acini formation and carcinogenesis.


Mathieu Trauchessec.
Development of an absolute and multiplexed MS-based quantification method for E. coli central metabolism enzymes: Application to metabolic engineering purposes.

Perrine Viargues.
Ubiquitination and endocytic trafficking regulate the immune response in Drosophila.
[Abstract] [On-line thesis]


Johan Estellon.
Methodological developments for in silico identification of metalloproteins in bacterial proteomes: The iron-sulfur proteins case study.


Olivia Gay.
Characterisation of Refilin proteins that regulate perinuclear actin structures. Interaction with FilaminA and role in nuclear remodeling.
[Abstract] [On-line thesis]

Nolwenn Jarno.
Characterization of the vacuolar proteome of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and studies of its role in cadmium detoxification.
[Abstract] [On-line thesis]

Nicolas Merle.
Study of mitochondrial AAA+ ATPases ATAD3A and ATAD3B.
[Abstract] [On-line thesis]