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With a workforce of 350 people and based on a set of modern technology platforms (proteomics, high throughput screening, imaging, animal ...), our institute coordinates research programs of several units under the supervision of CEA, University of Grenoble Alpes ​​and other research organizations (CNRS, Inserm and Inra).

Biosciences and Biotechnology Institute of​ Grenoble - CEA-Grenoble
Head of the Institute: Jérôme Garin
38054 Grenoble cedex 09, France
Phone: 04 38 78 45 01
Fax: 04 38 78 51 55

​Latest publications

Altamura et al. A synthetic redox biofilm made from metalloprotein–prion domain chimera nanowires.
Nature Chemistry, 2016

Osseni et al. Triadin and CLIMP-63 form a link between triads and microtubules in muscle cells.
Journal of Cell Science, 2016

Golovkine et al. Host cell surfaces induce a type IV pili-dependent alteration of bacterial swimming.
Scientific Reports, 2016

Sautron et al. Identification of two conserved residues involved in copper release from chloroplast P1B-1-ATPases.
Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2016

Mayerhofer et al. Structural insights into the Nucleotide-Binding Domains of the P1B-type ATPases HMA6 and HMA8 from Arabidopsis thaliana.
PLoS One, 2016

Gilquin et al. A proteomics assay to detect 8 CBRN-relevant toxins in food.
Proteomics, 2016

Ma et al. Molecular evolution of the substrate specificity of chloroplastic Aldolases/Rubisco lysine methyltransferases in plants.
Molecular Plant, 2016

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